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Price Increase Starting April 12, 2022

Dear Customers,

First of all, thank you for being a loyal and consistent YOLO Foot Spa customer over the years. You satisfaction means a lot to us, and we hope we've been successful in providing you excellent customer service.

I'm writing to let you know that the prices will be raised. Starting April 12, 2022.

Our new prices will allow us to better serve awesome customers such as yourself by keeping our professional and certified therapists. We want to stay consistent with with great quality.

Thanks for understanding!!!

Potential Date to REOPEN

Hi there!

As of today (10/21/2020), massage parlors are allowed to reopen again! Although, because we heard this awesome news abruptly, we are currently not ready to reopen right away. We have to reach out to our therapists and look over the guidelines again to properly set up our store to reopen.

We will try to shoot for this coming Friday (10/23) or Saturday (10/24) to finally REOPEN for business and take appointments. We'll keep ya'll posted!!

And for the many clients that have been so loyal and kind to us, we are so so SO thankful. We truly appreciate all the support and the awesome kind words to let us know we are not completely forgotten lol

Anyways, please stay safe and healthy!!!

Update on Reopening

Hi there,

We may be able to reopen sometime in the first week of October or mid of October, at the latest.

There is now a new color coding system applied to all counties of California. For Los Angeles county, we must be in the "red zone" to allow massage parlors, tattoo parlors, nail salons, etc. to reopen again. The colors are distinguished by the number of positive COVID cases per 100K people daily.

It is estimated Los Angeles might fall under the red zone in the first week of October. But there will be a 21 day waiting period upon entering the red. So there's a chance we're going to reopen sometime mid-late October, depending.

Until then, everyone keep safe & healthy. And thank you to all the awesome customers giving us kind words and support.

7/14/2020: Closing Again

Hi there,

Starting today (7/14/2020), we are forced to close our shop again due to the surge of COVID-19 cases.

We do not have a definite date on when to reopen but it is stated there's a possibility we may be able to reopen within 3 - 4 weeks (not 3 - 4 months later).

It is what it is...we are closed until further notice. So in the meantime,

Everyone please stay safe, wear your face masks, and practice social distancing.

Thank you for understanding!

Reopening Date

Hi there,

We will reopen starting Monday, June 29, 2020.

We are glad to finally reopen for business! It'd be nice to see ya'll again!

Even though we're all excited to be back on track, there are certain measures we must uphold during this pandemic, for everybody's safety.

For Our Clients :

    - To encourage social distancing, all clients that arrive for their appointments, must stay in their car or outside until we are ready to take you in. This is to ensure safe social distancing and not have more than one client inside our waiting area. Shoot us a text at our store phone number that you've arrived and are ready. We will contact you shortly when it is safe to come into the establishment.
    - Upon arrival, all clients must be screened with a touchless temperature scan. If the client is not in good condition, we will have to cancel the appointment.
    - All clients must be wearing a face mask upon arrival, during the massage session, and until we check out.
    - Before the massage starts, all clients must use hand sanitizer or wash their hands for 20 seconds with warm water & soap.
    - Massages done on the hands must be done as the very last portion of the massage session.
    - Before the massage starts, the reception will ask each client if he/she wants massages done on the face. If the client confirms he/she does want their face massaged, the therapists are required to use latex-free gloves to do the massage onto the face.

Steps We're taking for Health & Safety

    - Hand sanitizers are available at the reception, bathroom, and hallway, for use by clients and staff members.
    - Staff members are required to clean or wipe with sanitizers on all or general public surfaces such as door knobs, counters, tables, beds, etc.
    - Face masks are required for all staff members throughout the entire duration of their shifts.
    - Deep cleaning and sanitizing are done in the morning and at night (2x a day).
    - And of course, we will not reuse any linens, covers, blankets, or towels. We have always done this practice and will continue to do this dutifully.

On Reopening during the Pandemic :

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well. It is now legal for us to reopen finally!

Although, there are new set of guildelines we must adhere to and we are currently getting things ready to be compliant of the new guildelines. We want to do this right to ensure safety for our clients and the therapists.

We will keep you updated through the news posts here.

Thank you for your understanding and we do hope to see ya'll real soon!

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic :

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well. During this pandemic, we are temporarily closed until further notice.

We may not have a definite date on when we can reopen for business but as far as we know, for establishments such as ourselves (spas, massage parlors, hair salons, anything with close contact or close distance, etc.) are not able to open until maybe late June or early July. We are keeping ourselves updated on when we can open the doors to ya'll.

So until then, please, everyone...

  1. Stay safe
  2. Stay healthy
  3. Be cool to each other
  4. And...try not to go INSANE!

Father's Day News

Father's Day is right around the corner! Let's show love to the true role models in our lives and celebrate the special event by giving Dad a much needed pampering with a relaxing massage.

Stop by and pick up a Gift Certificate for this special day for that awesome dude.