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Our Story

Established in 2018, YOLO Foot Spa was created to offer quality service and affordability to our community. We offer Foot Reflexology and Body Massage which are done by experienced massage therapists who are passionate about their profession. YOLO Foot Spa is dedicated to help anyone experience the many benefits of massage therapy in a clean and modern environment without having to pay for high prices. Everyone should be able to pamper themselves.

Studio Policies


Due to the new COVID guidelines & protocols, we cannot take in any walk ins anymore. It is now by appointments only.

  • Grace Period: Our grace period for appointments is 10-minutes. If passed, appointments may be forfeited/given up to ensure minimal waiting for others.
  • Studio Courtesy

    As we aim to provide all our guests a quiet and relaxing environment, we ask you to acknowledge the following:

  • Please respect others by keeping voices at a minimum.
  • Turn off or silence your mobile devices.
  • Please let us know your therapist and the receptionist about any health or medical conditions before your service begins.
  • Let your therapist know if you would like the pressure to be harder or softer to meet your needs as we want you to have a completely relaxing experience here at YOLO Foot Spa.
  • Tipping Courtesy

    Although, we do not impose mandatory tipping at YOLO Foot Spa, our massage therapist rely on tips as a part of their income. Our therapist work on their clients 100% of the time, building a exclusive relationship between themselves and the clients.

    For YOLO Foot Spa to continue hiring qualified and experienced massage therapists while keeping our service prices low, we suggest tipping your therapist 25%+ based on how satisfied you are with their service.

    If you are not satisfied with their service, you have the right to refuse to tip or ask for a different therapist.

  • $20-$30 Service - $5+ tip
  • $35-$45 Service - $10+ tip
  • $50-$65+ Service - $15+ tip


    2590 Glendale Blvd. • Suite C • Los Angeles, CA 90039


    (323) 333-6188


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